A Mindful Society: 

realizes that everything is interconnected and interdependent;

cherishes its children and its elders, and takes care of both with kindness and compassion; 

gauges success by the wellbeing of the least in society, the marginalized, poor and oppressed;

approaches nature with gratitude and respect;

respects differences of opinion and engages in dialogue about heated issues with civility, especially in matters of politics, religion, and ideology; 

places top priority on education, emotional intelligence and universal healthcare; 

operates a transparent criminal justice system that offers opportunities for rehabilitation and truly restorative justice;

creates a business culture consistent with the values of conscious capitalism, where employees, customers, stakeholders and the environment are valued partners;  

promotes interfaith dialogue and cross-cultural solutions to world issues;

fosters a consumer culture steeped in responsibility, ethics and integrity;

views personal health & wellness as a practice with positive social significance.